We wanted to make built in dressers and bookshelves for my girls since there are these useless holes in the walls.  We took down the drywall and insulated which you can see how to do here.  I also show how to get straight, no bleed paint lines here.

We bought Ikea kitchen cabinets and the plain white fronts.  We did 2 lower cabinets of drawers stacked on the bottom and 1 upper of shelves on the top.

First we made it nice and level with a foundation for it to sit on.


Next we pre-drilled holes in the sides of the lower cabinets.  This is so you can screw them into the 2x4s in the wall for stability.  If you don’t have a 2×4 where those are, you can move them or put in wood there to fasten it to.


Next we put a top on it.  We cut out a piece of wood, used a Kreg Jig and made pocket holes so we could attach it to the top.  We didn’t want a hole in the top of our cabinets.


Put them in place and screw them in.  We had screws in the bottom one to the boards down there, into the studs on the sides of each of them as well as to each other.  We don’t want them falling out if naughty little children try climbing on them!


Put together all of the drawers and cabinets…

img_2707 img_2708

These came with knobs.  This trick will not work unless you are using knobs.

Use a piece of painters tape and put it where you think the middle of the front of the drawer is.  Use any straight object that is long enough to go from corner to corner.  We used our level.  Write on the tape and make an X.  Now you have your center and can drill it.  Easy peasy.

img_2713 img_2714 img_2715  img_2717

Take the tape off and install the knob.

img_2718 img_2719 img_2720


Here you can see that we attached it to the wall through the pre-made holes in the cupboards.  It looks nicer.  🙂

img_2722 img_2723


Then build and attach the upper cabinet above them.



It’s all in!!  Now we put some molding around it to finish it out!  It looks amazing, hold a ton of clothes and isn’t going anywhere!


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