So when the man broke in, my husband was gone.  We only have one car at the moment.  We also have garage door windows.  I thought they were pretty and I liked that I have natural light in my garage.  However, he was able to look right in and see that there was no car at home.  Because of this, he probably thought we were gone or on vacation and we were an easier target.
What can you do?  I live in an HOA that is very picky.  And I really didn’t want it to look bad.  So I had an idea.  I bought Rust-Oleum Frosted Spray Paint.  It makes glass look like frosted glass.  I was worried that it might look bad.  I also worried that it would not be frosted enough that if someone looked in with a flashlight they could still see there was no car there.  But I took a chance and used it.  I was SO happy with the results!!  (If I wasn’t I wouldn’t share!!)

Here is before:
 As you can see, you can see right through the window.  Don’t mind my mess.  I still haven’t unpacked my garage as I’ve been using it as a prep space for my projects…
This is with the lights on inside the garage.  (In case I accidentally left them on at night.)
This is with the lights off with shining a flashlight into the garage.  (Even pressed against the glass you could see nothing!!)
 And it looks good in the day too!
 With a camera it still looks fairly normal from any distance because of the reflection on the glass but if you get close you can see that it is frosted.

To get this look I went back and forth over my glass evenly.  I did 4 coats.  When you first spray it, the glass just looks wet and does not look frosted.  It frosts as it dries.  If yours looks splotchy you can fix it later with another pass over the area.  Also I sprayed from the inside.  I didn’t tape off the area around the window and you can’t tell if I got it on the door so it looks great!  (Which makes it even easier!)

So for just a small investment and 30 minutes of your time (or less), no bad guys can look in your windows and see what you have or that you are/are not home.

I feel like if I had done this sooner I would have been just one more level of protected.  Each thing I am showing here is just one more obstacle for them to overcome so they skip your home and it will keep you safe!!

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