How can ‘bad guys’ get in?  Doors, Windows and Garages.  Let’s look at budget friendly ways to secure them.  You could of course always buy Rolladen Shutters, a security door and your own armored guard but if you don’t have thousands to drop, lets try these things.


First let me explain something.  I see everyone in my community freaking out wanting to buy security doors.  Some people are paying more than $1300 for them.  I won’t be getting one.  I’ll tell you why.  With a few improvements to the security of the door you already have, it makes it un-kickable so you don’t need to spend so much on a security door.  Also, if you buy a tougher door and put it in the same frame it does you NO good.  None.  Still kickable.  Let’s fix the problem and not give ourselves an unreal sense of security.

This is installed high on my door.  If someone was to try and kick it in, they would not be able to have that much force AND with it being high like that, the would not have the leverage to get that much force that high up.  This combined with the box strike plate and long screws below give me peace of mind.
Most striker plates are just a piece of metal and the builders install them with very short screws.  If someone kicks the door in, all they are really fighting is your door frame.  Which is not really anything more than a simple piece of moulding. These are a metal box that goes inside the wall.  Not only does it have the two standard screw spots, but it has two inside the indented box so you are getting into the wall and into the studs.  The screws that this box comes with are inadequate so please get either 3” or 4” long screws to install it.


This is what you need if you have double doors.  It installs a small plate into the floor.  This plate has a groove in it so another plate can slide in and out of it.  It slides easily with your foot so you can move it to the side when you want to open the door or you can take it out completely.  It will make your door not really kickable as well.
3” screws are recommended but I have linked 4” screws here also in case you want to be extra safe.  Use these screws to replace the screws for the box striker plate as well as in the hinges.  We don’t want to just secure one side of the door.  Make sure you secure both sides.  Between all of these things, you can watch those thieves break their ankles trying to bust in your door!

Sliding glass doors are normally lifted out of the track.  They don’t *usually* break the doors because it is thicker glass, could fall on them and hurt them and they make a lot of noise.  Now remember, there are always those stupid criminals which is why they have entire TV shows of them.  But we will tackle the breaking of glass later.  We want to prevent someone being able to take the entire door out.  You can deadbolt your door to your home so it cannot be lifted or slid open.
I forgot to leave my window locked.  (We still have no idea how it wasn’t locked.)  But it wasn’t.  So it made it easy for the guy to get in.  These prevent anyone from being able to open the window more than the lock.  Wherever you put it, it stays.  So make sure you only have 5-6 inches between it and the sliding window so no one can get in.  Install it with pliers so it really grabs into the window frame.  This would have made it so even if he was able to open it, he couldn’t have gotten in unless he broke the window.
This film makes your glass so it can’t be broken in to.  It will still break but it just spiderwebs and stays together so someone cannot get in.  You can also use this on your sliding glass door.
I have a third car garage that does not have an opener on it.  I have put this carabiner on it so that even if they can unlock it, it won’t be going anywhere.  Simply put it through any hole in the track. I chose to have mine just above the wheel so it doesn’t really have any play. This could even allow you to leave it slightly open but not enough for a person to get through if you wanted to air out the garage for a bit.  (If you do this with a garage door opener and forget to remove it, it could mess things up so be careful if you choose to use this with an opener.)
So I don’t want to use the door guardian on my garage door because if I’m loading groceries or doing yard work and my children are inside I could get locked out.  So I am using this on my garage door.  It locks itself automatically when the door is shut so that I can’t forget to lock it or wonder while I’m in bed at night if it got locked.  It has a lot of other cool features too!
I already made a post about this which is linked above.
Tie Up Your String!
Get a zip tie and tie up the string.  The string can be fished and pulled.  It unlocks the garage door so they can come right in!  They have a super easy time of this with windows on the garage that are not frosted.
There are a BUNCH of low cost ways to secure your home.  Yes after all of them, they add up, but it is a lot cheaper than the alternatives and provide the most security for your money.  Don’t get overwhelmed with it all.  Take one area at a time and secure it so you can protect your family!!

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  1. Thank you for this post! We were just at Home Depot this morning to get some extra locks and screws for our front door. While we were looking at all the different things, my husband said, "Let's go home and do some research." And I came across this, so thank you for doing all the research for us!! Much appreciated, and will be put to use immediately. Thanks again!

  2. Danielle this is great information. Thank you for sharing. How exactly do you use the automatic locking deadbolt on a garage door that has an opener?

  3. These are some amazing tips and I am looking forward to using them for myself. Have you ever worked with experts at a local hardware store to get the work done? I am noticing that by purchasing items online and having them sent to my home, it has become a whole lot easier to know that I am doing something vital.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

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