In December I awoke (while my husband was gone at work) at 3ish in the morning to a man on the side of my bed going through my husband’s night stand.  I screamed at him to leave, he was startled and jumped up.  He immediately drew his gun and pointed it at my head.  He started screaming at me to not move and stay there.  I was screaming at him to get out while I continued to get out of my bed.  I have a sword under my bed and I was trying to get to it.  I know not to bring a knife to a gun fight, but 1: he was between me and my children, 2: if I did what he said I could have easily become a rape victim and 3: it was the best I had in reach.
He saw me trying to reach for something and continuing to get out of bed and took off running.  I jumped out of bed, grabbed my sword, ran to my closet, grabbed my gun and then checked to see if my children were still in their beds!  I was terrified that they would be gone!  Thankfully they were all still there untouched.  They were awake and scared because they woke up to us screaming at each other.  But we had had talks with them before about what to do in case of fire, earthquake, break-ins, conflicts with mommy or daddy and a ‘bad guy’ etc.  Most people think that is too scary to have that talk with their children but I’ll tell you what, even my 3 year old did exactly perfect and it saved our lives that night.  They stayed silent, in bed and pretended to be sleeping.  If they were awake they were instructed to run away and get help, or hide if they couldn’t do that, and hide in pairs if possible.  (That would help keep them from being as scared as being alone.)
I took my sword, phone on 911 and gun and cleared the rest of my home.  He stole a lot of money and some iPhones but we were so lucky to have that be all he took.  (Besides our security!)  The police are still looking for him.  I just want him to stop scaring people and turn his life around.  I pray that this will help him do that.
Through this horrific experience we have learned a lot of things.  Mostly we have learned how falsely safe we feel in our own homes.  We have learned a lot of things you can do to your home to make it safer and what the police call ‘target hardened’.  That really just means that you are a tough enough home to break into that they will pass your home and move on to one that is an easier target.  We have made a lot of changes in our home security.  I am going to have a string of posts on things you can do to target harden your home so you can prevent such a traumatic experience happening to your family.  In mine, it was best case scenario.  Since then in my area, there has been a burglar shot and killed upon entering someone’s home and someone else being held at gunpoint while they wait for the police.  I know that just from my experience I am suffering from PTSD.  I cannot imagine having to be the homeowner that killed someone.  Even if you are protecting yourself and your family, that has to be a horrible thing to go through.  Let’s all learn from this and prevent thieves from entering our homes and lives.


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  1. Oh my word! Praying for your peace and recovery. My parents taught me that the best thing to do is to do exactly what you did…which is F I G H T…never comply because the attacker has already decided your fate….FIGHTING may be the only thing that saves you.

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