My room really needed a cornice board.  I am SO happy with how it looks!  I am really glad I made it!
Follow these step by step instructions to make your own!

This may not look it, but this sliding glass door is huge!  My cornice board was 9 feet long to cover this door!

First build your frame.  We used 1x2s for the smaller pieces and just larger than that for the face because that is all Home Depot had at the time…
If you notice, we have an extra piece on the sides.  That is so I can install a curtain rod to the inside of the cornice board later if I want to hang curtains.
Next use a staple gun and wrap your frame in batting.

Lay your fabric out and cut it large enough to wrap around.  Then use the staple gun and attach the fabric.  Remember to make sure that your pattern is straight on the front!  Also, make sure you pull evenly so you don’t have your pattern go up or down where you pulled too hard.


Then it should look like this:


Now you want to make it look good from the back for two reasons.  1 – You can see it from inside because it is so high and 2 – Because you can see it from outside!  I used black felt to cover the back.  It was cheap and looks good.  It also would stop light from coming through so you could see the frame on the front.  Just fold it over and use the staple gun to secure it.


All finished:


I used this kind of picture hook hanger to hang it.  You need one for each side.


It was SO worth it!  I love how they finish off my room!




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