Do you go to pot lucks and are afraid to not get your dishes back.?  This is a perfect solution for that!  It also makes great wedding gifts!
-Get a casserole dish.  I used a Pyrex one like THIS.

-I used contact paper for the stencil but you can also use vinyl.

-I have a Cricut so that is how I cut out my last name. I would suggest if you are in the market for a cutting machine to go with a Silhouette and not a Cricut as they no longer support computer design.
-Cut out whatever you want it to say.  Remember to do it backwards!!  (I used white contact paper for that and clear for the application.)
-Put contact paper over the top of it and then stick it to the casserole dish.  This holds it together and keeps the middle of the letters in place.
-Then peel off the clear contact paper carefully.  It will look like this:
-Remember to cut enough room on the edges so your etching cream won’t get anywhere you don’t want it.  I forgot and was dangerously close on the ‘g’.
-Put on gloves!
-Armor Etch says it doesn’t work on Pyrex.  It did for me but you have to do it extra long to get it to work.
-Apply your first coat with a Q-tip.
-I waited 10 minutes and then applied more.

-Carefully wipe it off after another 10 minutes with a cottonball.  Do not get this on your or anything else but the cottonball.  Make sure little kids or pets cannot get it out of the trash.  This stuff will burn you skin and make you blind.  Seriously, don’t mess around with it.  Mine went in a bag and went straight out to the garage garbage.  (I don’t want to scare you to not use it, I just want you to be safe while using it!)


-Then peel off the contact paper.


-Do an initial wash right away with dish soap with your gloves on.
-Then you can throw the gloves away and wash like normal.
*Note: When it gets wet it will look like it goes away.  Don’t worry.  After you dry it, it shows back up.  🙂

I love how it turned out!!

Happy Pot Lucking!  😉

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