We got a nasty gram from our HOA that said that we needed to paint our shutters…
Honestly, they needed to be painted since we moved in.  But all of a sudden we have to hurry and do it within 15 days.  Let me tell you what my 15 days have been like.  My AC broke, my garbage disposal broke, my son almost broke his arm (we had to take two days going to doctors before we found that it actually wasn’t.  Even though they said from the first x-rays that it was.  I was NOT happy…  P.S.  I paid for everything like it was broken.  He had nurse maid’s elbow from a way to hard hug from his brother…)  🙁  In the middle of dealing with it all we got a letter saying we had to get our shutters painted.  ASAP!!  Sheesh.  So totally broke, we go buy paint.  🙁
We have wanted to do this since before we moved in, but it was never top priority.  So I’ll say a small thank you to our HOA for making us finally do it.  I LOVE the facelift it gave our house!  (Now I’m just hoping they aren’t ticked we switched colors and don’t make us paint it back to that awful green!)
We also did yard work that day so the whole thing looks much better!!
Yay!!  I love it!!  <3

I figure I don’t need to do a tutorial on how to paint because that should be pretty easy to figure out.  But in case you wanted to know how to paint a door, I already did a tutorial for that HERE.
I also have a list of all supplies you could need HERE.
If you have a door casing that is chipping like mine, try to chip off what you can and sand down the rest so it looks smooth and you don’t have your new paint chip off with the old paint.  🙂

4 thoughts on “House Font Facelift

  1. What type of finish did you use on the door? Did you sand the entire door? Our door is not chipping but definitely needs a new coat of paint. By the way, yours looks nice.

  2. It is Behr semi-gloss exterior paint with a primer and paint in one. The color is Superior Blue.
    No, I didn't even prep the door. I just painted over the dirt and all.
    I did have to prep the door frame. I used a flat head screw driver to get off all the really bad chipping and then sanded it a bit to get it smoother. I didn't do a super thorough job of it, just enough to look good under paint. I think it looks really nice!

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