I have a lot of pallet wood left over from another project (that hopefully one day I’ll post) and so I decided to finally do something with my master bathroom!  You know how the master bedroom and bathroom always get done last…  Yeah, it’s time.  I hate white walls so I started with some paint.
Step 1: Paint
I went with a really light tan.  I did all of the walls except the one that the wood is going on.  Paint that wall brown so when you have tiny spaces you won’t be able to tell.  To get great lines use this tip:
Step 2: Cut apart your pallets
Shown in this tutorial.
Step 3: Measure your wall
Make sure you measure your wall all the way down.  This may be easier to do it one row at a time.  My top two rows are actually shorter than the other rows because houses are not perfect.  You are going to be pre-cutting your wood so that you can stain all of the edges.  If you don’t stain all of the edges, you will be able to see them and it will look terrible.
Step 4: Cut your wood
I wanted to have a reclaimed wood look.  I wasn’t going for cut a pallet apart and put it on the wall look.  So I cut the pieces up so there were no pieces that had nails or nail holes.  This is a 3 foot wall and it took three pieces to stretch the length of it.  I also wanted to them to be different widths of wood and different spacing. I didn’t want every joint to match up all the way down the wall.  So they are all lengths of pieces, they just all have to fit in your space.  I made a video tutorial on how to measure and cut your wood for this wall here.
Step 5: Stain your wood
See the video tutorial on that here.  You can buy all of your supplies for that HERE.
Step 6: Put your wood on the wall.  Start at the top and work your way down.  You will need an adhesive and a nail or brad gun.  Put the adhesive on the back of each board (you don’t need tons, just enough to keep it stable) and use the brad gun to nail it in.
Step 7: Cut, Stain and Hang your Shelves (if you want shelves)
Measure, cut, stain all the same.
We hung them differently.  We used the Kreg Jig and cut two pocket holes in each end and  then screwed it into the wall.  Kreg Jigs are super easy to use and are awesome!  I use mine all the time!  They even have self-tapping screws that work with the bit that comes with it.  Doing it this way makes it sturdy without having to put the wood underneath it for support on the wall.  It just looks way nicer, in my opinion.  (Make sure you stain your pocket holes.  I also turned the board so the holes are toward the top.  You can buy the hole filler things if you want, but you don’t have to.)
This took my husband and I all weekend.  It is not a one day project.  However, I am SO happy with the results!!  I am really glad we took the time to do it!!  We love it!  I never thought I’d be so happy to use the watercloset!  😉
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This is the difference a little paint makes.  The rest of my house has pretty bold colors, even if you aren’t a real strong color kind of person, try something light.  It looks clean, fresh and pretty.  🙂


And this is my husband’s handiwork!  I was just going to do a square cut out (because that is what my skill level is) but he figured this out and it looks awesome!  I was super proud of him and want to thank him publicly for helping me with whatever I need!!


5 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Makeover! {Stained Pallet Wood Wall with Shelves}

  1. Love the bathroom. And our hubby did a great job on the round hole. I would have had to to the square one also. Thank the Lord for wonderful hubby's that come to the rescue. I have one amazing hubby, also.

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