Everything on Pinterest is lovely.  Each picture is taken with just the right amount of light and has perfect and interesting composure.  The cakes look amazing, the parties are dazzling and the kids look happy.  But are you?
Don’t get me wrong.  I love Pinterest.  However, I am starting to realize that I WAS under Pinterest Party Pressure! I felt like every party I threw had to be Pinterest worthy!

I just saw a beautiful, magazine (or Pinterest) worthy 6 year old birthday party.  There was a three tier (fondant) cake, cake pops, cookies, cupcakes with printable liners, a candy bar, balloons everywhere, formal invitations, table decorations that rivaled a wedding and then I stopped…  WHY is a 6 year old getting a mini wedding party?  Why does she need a 3 tier cake?  This is crazy!  I love beautiful parties.  I love to let my family know I love them.  But what are they going to expect when it IS their wedding?  Are they having fun at this beautiful party that mom stayed up all night to work on?  Now mom is so tired and stressed that she is probably slightly irritable.


I had the cutest little themed party for my youngest son’s 1st birthday.  It was ‘Anchors Aweigh, I’m One Today!’  I had beach cupcakes, shark cupcakes, sand dollar cookies, a ‘sea’ of balloons for the kids to play in and more.

But I was exhausted.  It took a ton of work.  Balloons were everywhere.  (And my husband hates balloons.)  The food was super cute and got gobbled up.  But what does my son remember?  Probably nothing.  He was only 1.  Good thing we took pictures.  He does like balloons and he did eat his first cake.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have done anything special, but we don’t need to feel like a party has to be Pinterest Worthy for our kids to enjoy it and remember it.

My other son just had his birthday and he wanted to go to the little Mini Gran Prix we have here.  He thinks he is driving a ‘real’ racecar!  It makes him feel super special because we only do that on a birthday.  Then what do I do with my day?  I spend it snuggling with him, taking him out, watching him have fun, open his new gifts from us and playing with them.  It is about HIM.  Not about the party!  I made the ugliest cake I have EVER made.  It was SO sad.  He looked at it and you know what he said?  “That looks yummy, mom!”  And it was.  But I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want anyone to know how badly I ‘failed’.  Now I see that I didn’t fail.  My son had a yummy cake for his birthday.  The kind that he asked for.  It wasn’t pretty, but it tasted good and he still felt special.  What does he remember?  How he felt and how much fun he had.  We do a special breakfast and they can choose whatever they want for dinner.  I sing ‘Happy Birthday’ randomly all day long.  Several different versions of it.  I pick them up, swing them around and kiss all over their faces.  I tell them how much I love them and how happy I am that they are in my family ALL DAY LONG.  (I even do this to my husband.  Besides the swinging him around part.  And you know what?  He loves to feel special and loved too!)

I am done with ‘grand’ Pinterest parties.  I may break out a beautiful, but simple, themed party every so often, but keeping up with Pinterest, I have no interest in.  Don’t feel like you need to cave in to the Pinterest pressure!  LOVE your family.  They will remember that more than any party you could throw.  When I die I want my kids to remember how much I loved them not what kind of parties I threw for them.

6 thoughts on “Are you Suffering from Pinterest Party Pressure?

  1. Amen sister. I feel the same but only with all the crafts I see. After I complete one I look at what I did and the picture and beat myself up because mine is not "perfect" but what matters is I did it and the person getting it knows I worked hard on it for them instead of going to a store to buy them a gift. I love Pinterest too, but there is a lot of pressure to be perfect like Pinterest.

  2. I loved this! Thanks for sharing. I just thew my baby's first birthday last night and the whole week I was stressing because I knew that I wasn't going to be able to make it "pinterest worthy" but you know what? Lots of family came, we ate some food, opened some presents, and just loved on our little girl. It was perfect. I wish I would have read your post before the party, because even as it started I was feeling bad that I hadn't done more. But really, I wouldn't change a thing about it.

  3. I agree!! There are so many crafts that I just don't even try! Enough! I AM good enough. Our efforts ARE good enough. I will probably blog about that at a later time. There are so many of us that feel that we just don't measure up.

  4. YES! I'm planning my son's 5th birthday party and needed to hear this. I have found all of these grandiose ideas for is Lego party but really all he wants is a cake and to see his Grandparents (and get more Legos). Thank you for reminding me what birthdays should be about, loving your child and simply spending time with them.

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