I wanted stripes in my girls’ room.  I wanted 4 colors and I wanted each color to be a different size stripe so it didn’t look so much like wall paper.  I am going to share my secrets with you.  It took several steps, but hopefully you will love the finished result like I do!!!

You can buy all of the painting supplies I use HERE.

Step 1: Figure out how big you want your stripes.  I let mine end wherever they ended not at the corner of the wall.  BUT I started them at a corner and I chose the corner behind the door so it wouldn’t be so obvious when I ended and it ended funny.

Step 2: Measure your stripes and mark them on the wall.  (USE a Laser Level!)

Step 3: Paint OVER your guide lines with one color.  Do all the stripes of that color in the room.


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Step 4: After the paint is completely dry (I’d wait 3 days or buy the special tape that won’t peel off freshly painted paint) re-measure and tape off where your stripes should end.  Remember to put the tape on the inside of the stripe so you can paint right up next to it!

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Step 5: Caulk over the edge of your tape.  Use PAINTERS CAULK.  (I found out after this room that they sell clear.  I would HIGHLY recommend using clear.  I’ve used it since and it was way better.)  Put caulk down the outside edge of the tape and rub it with your finger.  What you are doing is creating a seal that won’t allow the paint to ‘bleed’ under the tape so you should get a nearly flawless line!  If you use too much it will be lumpy, if you don’t use enough it won’t seal.  Use just enough that it isn’t lumpy on your wall and you should get the results you want!


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Step 6: Paint the color next to it.  Pull the tape off.  You can either do this while the last coat is still wet or give it 24 hours until it is totally dry.  Don’t pull it while it is tacky.  It will ruin it.

Step 7: Touch up your lines with a small art brush as necessary.  (You shouldn’t need to very much if you used the right amount of caulking.)

Here is my finished painted girls’ room!!!  I LOVED it!!  And it so happened that purple ended behind the door where it started so it is just a bigger stripe.  The good news is, you can’t even tell!!  We still have a lot more to do before this room is done but it is well on it’s way to being seen by the girls!  (It is a surprise so they haven’t see any of this!)

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