So yesterday I made my girls a bow board.  They have needed one for a long time.  I have been saving this piece of wood for this project.  My sister made one for her daughter, and told me how easy it was.  So I decided I should go ahead and do it!!  I did and it was a quick afternoon project!  I love how it turned out!
Here we go…
What you will need:
Stapler (My sister said she used a regular stapler.  I used a staple gun since we had one.  Either works!)
Quilt Batting
Picture Hooks
Wood cut to size
Step 1: Cut your board to size if it isn’t already.  I wanted mine to be 18” x 3′ 6”.  I had my husband cut it for me since he was home.  (I CAN do it but since he likes to I just asked him.)
Step 2: Lay out your quilt batting and cut around your board.  Just make sure you have enough to wrap around it so it can staple to the back.  Also you need to pull as you go.  This will help stretch it and make it look flat when you turn it over.  Staple your batting onto the back of the board.
Don’t forget to staple your corners like this so you don’t have it hang far from the wall.  You don’t want a lumpy back!


Step 3: Cut our your fabric again allowing enough extra to staple on the back.  (After I cut it, I ironed it and then stapled it.  And make sure to stretch it as you go to get a smooth front!)


(All stapled!!  Yay!)

Step 4: Time to add ribbons!!  I used a bunch of ribbons that I already had.  Measure where you want to put your ribbons and then mark on the back on both ends.  I used 8 ribbons and I had them almost up to the edges to give me more hanging space.  If you mark both ends the ribbons will be straight on the front.  Staple them onto the board.

The front all done!!
Step 5: Add picture hooks.  Measure the same distance from the top and sides and install your picture hooks.  They come in all different kinds.  These were the kind I happened to have.  I suggest using two so it doesn’t swing when your girls touch it.

That’s it!!  Hang it where your girls can reach it and fill it with bows and flowers!!  If you enjoyed this tutorial don’t forget to Pin it!  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “DIY Bow Board

  1. Hi again 🙂 I believe i posted a comment here before but just wanted to let you know that I loved this post thank you so much. I have an online boutique and besides organic and all natural products I also carry super cute hair accessories. 🙂 So this is really great, I wanted to get one of these for so long but this seams not too hard to make plus my 19 month old little girl had already a few bows, flowers… that would be perfect to do one like this. 🙂
    Thank you I will for sure try to do this soon.
    I am a new follower on your blog 🙂

  2. I love making these but I've always used cardboard since it's what I've had on hand. I'll have to go out and get wood to make some more sturdier ones. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Newest follower from Serenity You

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