How we did our Girls’ Room:

We did so much in this room that I cannot just post it in one.  So here is Part One: Taking out a Wall, Installing Insulation and Putting the Wall Back Up.
This wall in our girls’ room shares with our bathroom.  It was so thin that you could hear everything said.  Not just that people were talking but every word.  We didn’t feel that that was acceptable so we decided to put insulation in the wall.  We knew there was a hole big enough for a built in so we were planning on taking the wall down anyway.  We figured with the built ins we wouldn’t have to have two dressers in the room.  During this time I was 6 months pregnant so I did not help in taking the wall out.  (I could have, but my husband wouldn’t let me.  He is too good to me.)  So his brother came over and they took out the wall.  It took about 15 minutes.
Close off all doors and close the vent.  (There will be a lot of dust.  We even put a towel at the base of the doors.)  You will want to use a shop vac if you have one!  Have them (or you) wear gloves and eye protection.
Carefully start making a few holes and rip the drywall off.  You don’t want to go hammering the whole thing.  As you can see later, we knew there were water pipes and obviously electrical in this wall.  But no matter what you think is in the wall, be careful.


After the wall was ripped down we found out that there was a matching hole that we didn’t think about!  So we were able to do built ins on BOTH sides!  I was really excited!!
I don’t know if everyone will be able to see how much work went into this from the above picture to the one below.  We took out the studs, re-ran the electrical so we could get the built ins in and I ALONE put in the insulation.  Even very pregnant.  (I was about 7-8 months by this time.)  Cutting insulation is EASY.  Wear gloves, long sleeves and a face mask.  Lay it out, measure your space, use an exacto knife and cut it to size.  However, if you are using the right kind (interior wall insulation) it comes pre-cut to 8 foot ceilings and the right size between studs.  Then you just shove it between the studs.  If it fits right, it just stays on its own.  We have 9 foot ceilings, I got the wrong kind and our wall isn’t built like it should have been.  Go figure.  But guess what!?  It still worked just fine!  So don’t be afraid.  This really was easy!  (The easiest part of the whole room!)
We put drywall over the wall and then hung it over our built ins for the right size.  You cannot just hang it there though, you have to put a 2×4 in for the bottom of the drywall to screw in to.  This only took a couple pieces of drywall.  Lay it out, measure your space, use a drywall square and cut with an exacto knife against the drywall square.  You will just run over your line a few times.  Once the paper is cut through then you can hold up the drywall and bend it.  It will break cleanly where you scored it.  Then you just screw it into the wall into the studs.  We did hire a man to come tape, mud and texture the wall.  I have done that before and it is not as easy as it sounds.  With me being pregnant and with the low cost of a professional job, we opted for him to do it.  He did an amazing job!!  If you cannot get the drywall back up on your own, you can hire that done by the same person.

I have to share this story.  I show up to Home Depot to buy this insulation with my three kids about 7 months pregnant.  They ask me if I want to have someone come over to my house to give me a quote to install it for me.  I said, “No.  I will put it in myself.”  The guy laughed at me!!  Then he looked at me and saw I was giving him a sullen face that probably read, ‘that is super rude’, and he says, “Are you SERIOUS?!”  Yes.  I was serious!  And I did it, pregnant and all!  Don’t underestimate yourselves ladies!  We are capable of anything we set our minds to!  You just need motivation, instructions and the proper tools!  Go get it!

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  1. wow this was a great project, I also just finished my walk in closet, we had someone doing it for us since we had to build an accual room in our huge master bedroom. 🙂 I will share it on my new blog soon. WOuld love if you could take a look at my blog and if you like it please follow me too. I would love to!!!:)
    Thank you for sharing this, love your blog.

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