Christ’s Stocking

This year I had an idea and I feel that it was inspiration.  I try to look for any way to keep Christ in our Christmas and this came to me the day after Thanksgiving.  We now have a “Jesus stocking”.  It hangs by ours over the mantel.  Every act of service or kind thing observed is written down and put into the stocking.  We are trying to fill this stocking full!  On Christmas morning before we open our own stockings, we will dump out that stocking and see our gifts to the Lord.  After we talk about all of our service and how it made us feel, we will continue with regular Christmas opening.  I have already seen a difference in my children’s service intent.  They are serving with a pure heart.  I so look forward to hearing their thoughts on Christmas morning.  I am thankful for this inspiration and I plan to have this as a special and meaningful Christmas tradition forever.  Next year I plan on buying the most beautiful stocking I can find for our dear Savior.

Merry Christmas!!

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