This was surprisingly easy!!  (Although I have all the right tools.)  (You can get everything you need HERE.)
I bought this cute frame on Hobby Lobby’s clearance.

Then I cut out a vinyl monogram with my Cricut.  (If you do not have a Cricut, I would recommend getting a Silhouette.  I wish I had one of those instead.)
Use contact paper to place your vinyl onto the glass / mirror.  
Buy Armor Etch.  
This stuff is like liquid fire.  DO NOT TOUCH IT!  It will burn your skin even if it doesn’t feel like it right away.  I did not learn from experience, I just read the label.  It scared me enough to warn you so you don’t let it touch you or let your kids find it.  (It is awesome stuff though.)  I would use gloves and a Q-Tip.

Apply a fairly liberal amount over your design.  Do not get any where you don’t want it etched.

Let it sit for 15 minutes.  Carefully wipe off the excess and clean with window cleaner.  Then remove the vinyl.
This is what you will be left with:

BUT I somehow was not careful enough and got some on the sides of the vinyl.  🙁  So it left ugly marks on the mirror that I tried to even scrape with a razor.  No luck.  So I decided to hide them with pretty designs.  It worked pretty well!!  But just so you don’t have that happen to you, make sure you are very careful when wiping off the excess to not get it on your glass / mirror.

It looks beautiful and is going to make a great wedding gift!!

I can’t wait to do all of my casserole dishes!!

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