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So my ironing board bit the dust a while back and I was glad a first, I mean I had an excuse to not iron!! But then I remember that I needed to make sure my husband’s uniform was nice and pressed for work. So off to Goodwill I went. I found a nasty little ironing board. It had a nice frame and was small and collapsible so it would fit well in our tiny apartment. For $2 I could not pass it up. After I brought it home I truly saw the state that the cover was in and I knew something needed to be done. So after going through my scrap material I was able to create a new cover for it.

I apologize in advance-I did not take step by step pictures so I will try and explain as best I can what I did.

First I put it on its back and traced a pencil line about 3-4 inches around the ironing board and then cut it out. From that point I hemmed the edges making sure to leave a nice 1/2 inch space so I would be able to run a string through. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A 2 INCH GAP IN YOUR HEM SO YOU CAN GET THE STRING STICKING OUT ON BOTH ENDS!! I did not have any string but I do have a bunch of yarn so I tied some to a safety pin and threaded it right on through. I put it on the ironing board stand and tightened it up and it works like a charm. Here is a picture of the finished product.

It works great and looks great!


  • Ironing board frame $2
  • Scrap Material

Over all cost $2!!
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