Pin ItI live in kind of a sketchy neighborhood. (Oh the perks of a limited income due to grad school.) My husband LOVES to hunt and go shooting! So last time we were out shooting I was going around picking up all the shells. (The in-laws were looking at me like I was crazy!)

After they sat in the house for a couple of months I decided it was time to put something together.

After I cleaned all of the shells: 
I took a wire coat hanger and bent it into a circle and started to hot glue away!!
 Ending up with my finished product:
Not only does it make my husband feel like I am considering him while I decorate but it lets the neighbors know that we are not to be messed with.  😉  Over all, I think it turned out pretty awesome!


  • Wire Hanger
  • Shot Gun Shells
  • Hot Glue

I had all of the supplies on hand, making it an over all cost of $0 to make! Can’t get better than that!
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