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I don’t let my kids play on my iPad very often, but I do have games on there for them to play when we need them to be good in a quiet environment.  I learned from my baby that if you put your hand down and slide it across, it shuffles through all your apps!!  I don’t want them messing up my notes or accessing the internet so this is had made me not want them to use it!  Well I found a way to ‘lock’ them into a certain app so they can’t click out of it!!  

Go to your Settings.
Go to General.
Click ‘Accessibility’ (second to the bottom):


Press Guided Access.  It will say off.  You need to turn it On.
When you turn it on you will need to set a passcode.  This is the code you are going to use to unlock it and use full functions again.  (Your children can not know this code.)

That is it!!

Now to use it go in to any of your apps that you want to ‘lock’ the kids in to.  Once the app is open TRIPLE CLICK your home (circle button with the square) button.  This will bring up a bar at the top that will say Start on the right and cancel on the left.  Before you click start it gives you options of what is available to use during the session.  Edit those settings as needed and then click Start.  (Sorry I don’t have a screen shot of that.  It won’t let me take one.)

When you want to quit just triple click your home button and it will ask for your passcode.  Once you put it in it will ask if you want to End or Resume (in the same bar).  Click End and you are done!

*NOTE:  It DOES let you get out with ads.  So if you want to keep your kids completely off of the internet you will need to purchase the apps without the ad banners.

I hope this tip helps keep your children safe!!

3 thoughts on “How to ‘Kid Proof’ Your Ipad!

  1. Just what I needed to know tonight. Going to try it on the iPods. I saw the guided access on there as well, so I'm hopeful this will work for when I want them doing a certain app for schoolwork! THANK YOU! Came to this from Pinterest btw!

  2. I was just scrolling through everything and came across this post. In case you didn't know, simply putting your phone in aeroplane (or airplane) mode will prevent ad's from coming up in the majority of cases.

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