I have had this idea for awhile but finally have time to do it!  And I am SO happy with it!!
It is SUPER easy and makes life easier later.  Win – Win!

What you need:
Chalkboard Contact Paper
Scissors or a cutting machine
Small Chalk or White or Colored Chalk Pens

(Or you can get everything you need HERE.)

You can just cut your labels to be straight but I wanted mine to have a little bit of cute shape to them.  I found this shape on my Cricut and cut them out to the right sizes.  (You need the ruler to measure how big of a shape you need for each size container.)

Because my containers are slightly rounded it is best to push down in the middle and rub out from there to each side.  If you rub on the edges really well it stays on through the dishwasher again and again.  🙂

Then fill your container and write what is in it with the small chalk.  (I say small because I don’t mean sidewalk chalk.  While it will work, it will be hard to write on something that small.)

When you put these in the dishwasher the chalk will come off so you don’t even need to worry about it.  They are good to go for the next use!!

I’m all for easy organization!!  Share the love if you like this post.  Comment and Pin!!  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Chalkboard Labels for the FRIDGE!!

  1. White Charcoal Pencils works great on Blackboards and its just like writing with a pencil ! Would be great for these labels!
    Marianne Miller

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