I have been wanting an inspiration board for my kitchen.  I came up with this awesome idea so I thought I’d share it:

Chalkboard Frame

This was REALLY easy and very inexpensive to make.

-Choose a frame.  This is an 11×14 that is an old frame I wasn’t using anymore.  (I don’t suggest using a smaller one.)
-Buy chalkboard contact paper.  Cut your contact paper to fit the frame.  Now you have two choices, stick the contact paper to your glass, or if you might want to use the frame again for something else just place it over the glass.  It slides around just a little bit if you do this but that depends on how close of a cut you made.  (You could use double sided sticky tape in the corners to help with that.)  I didn’t stick it to the glass.  I might later.
-Hang it on the wall.
-Buy chalk.  You can use sidewalk chalk if that is all you have, but I recommend the skinny chalk or white or colored chalk pens.

You can get all chalkboard supplies HERE.

*You have to prep the surface before chalk will stick to it.  Just take the chalk and rub it sideways all over the surface.  Rub it off and you’re good to go.  Easy peasy.

Now we have an inspirational quote of the day.  As our children get older (and can all read) we will have a quote or topic each morning that they can think about throughout the day and we can discuss during dinner.
Quality time + Higher thinking skills + Teaching opportunities.  Triple bonus.

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