White Lightening Soup is one of our favorites!!  The kids don’t like spicy food (it isn’t mouth burning in my opinion), but it tones down really well with mozzarella cheese or monterey jack cheese.  It has a great flavor and is very much a “comfort food” to me.  It also makes a great freezer meal!
The Recipe Calls For:
1 whole rotisserie chicken
2 cloves garlic chopped
1 box (4 cups) of chicken broth
1 jar green salsa
1 can white beans
1 lime
Monterey Jack Cheese or Mozsarella Cheese and/or Pepper Jack Cheese
Tortilla chips
Here are some of the ingredients in case you were wondering what is “green salsa” or what it means by “white beans”.  Also, instead of 1 lime I just use juice from this:
Here is the recipe:
1. Shred Chicken
2. In olive oil saute garlic lightly
3. Add chicken and broth and simmer for 5-10 minutes
4. Add beans and green salsa and simmer for 10 minutes
5. Shred cheese
6. Crumble and crush 1-2 cups tortilla chips and add to soup
7. Add lime juice
8. Serve hot with extra chips and cheese on top
(If you want to make this a freezer meal all you have to do is combine everything in steps 1-4 and add your lime juice.  Then when you make it take it straight out of the bag frozen and put it in the pot.  I cover it with a lid after I have broken it in half.  Stir a lot so it doesn’t burn.  Then you add your chips and cheese when it is almost ready to be served.)
This is what it looks like in step 3:


Step 4:


Meanwhile I make our own tortilla chips.  (They taste WAY better and are MUCH cheaper!)
Cut small corn tortillas into pie shaped slices.  (I like to cut them into 6 pieces and not 8.  They are too small that way.)


Deep fry them.  If you do not have a deep fryer, you can still do it!  I have done this in a wok and also in a pot.  I use vegetable oil.  Fry them until they are crisp but not dark.
I left these in just slightly too long, I like them like the bottoms ones look, not the top ones.  (Although all of them are good. But much more than the top ones are too done.)
While they are hot out of the fryer add salt.  When I add it, I don’t put as much on the bottom layer as I do with each additional layer going up.  The salt falls onto the bottom chips and so the bottom ones would be too salty if you add the same amount to each batch out of the fryer.


After I have about half of my chips done, I crushed them to put into the soup for step 6.


And it’s dinner time!!  (This is the picture with the chips and cheese added.  And my extra chip for dipping!)


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