This room is supposed to be black and white with grey walls.  Well, obviously, a tan, tiled fireplace doesn’t match.  I couldn’t afford to re-do it.  (Especially with my expensive tastes!)  So I figured I could paint it.  My husband wasn’t too sure about this one but loved how it turned out!  🙂
Here is my “Oh crap, I started the project and didn’t take a ‘Before’ picture” picture.

This is us giving our room a facelift without much cost at all! Besides for the primer, we did not have to buy anything for this project. The paints we used were the same ones for the walls.

Step 1: High gloss (aka good for tile) Primer (x3 coats later!!)  You can get that HERE.
Step 2: Sponge on dark grey paint. (The wall this is on is our medium grey.)  I used a sea sponge so it would be irregular and not have patterns in it.
Step 3: Sponge on black paint
Step 4: Paint grout. (With a tiny art brush.) I used the dark grey paint for the grout.
Step 5: Take pride in my work as I sit and drink lemonade while I stare at it and blog about it. 🙂 (HA! Yeah right I have time to sit here and drink lemonade!) I’m off to finish the next project!!!

We have had this done for nearly a year and have had NO issues with it!  It still looks fabulous.  And as always, better in person.

*Note: This works great on a surface that isn’t used heavily.  I would not recommend this for a kitchen counter top.  You CAN do it, but you need to use a sealer and I do not know how well it will hold up.  Again, I would not recommend it.  

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  1. What a beautiful finished room. I'm envious, but in a good way. I take it there is no flammable issues with this being a fireplace?

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